Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions for online store PERSIANGEL are in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, based and written on GZS recommendations and international codes for e-commerce. Online store PERSIANGEL managed by MereRam d.o.o. , Trnovec 37, 8292 Zabukovje, Slovenija, EU reserves the right to change terms and conditions.

Product price

All prices are in Euros (€) and they include VAT taxes. Our offer includes regular and special discount prices, marked as such when available. Online store PERSIANGEL reserves the right to change the price without prior notification. Price is valid at the time of the submitted order with the following payment methods.

Registration and conclusion of contract

In order to make a purchase in the online store PERSIANGEL registration is obligatory. Conclusion of the contract between the buyer and the seller becomes valid with order confirmation. After order confirmation price and other terms become obligatory for seller and buyer. With order confirmation buyer accepts all terms and conditions of the PERSIANGEL online store.

Description of contract process

Products in the cart are confirmed with clicking on the button cash-register after filling in address, delivery and other obligatory fields marked with a star. After filling in the fields correctly click on the forward button and choose desired in delivery section. Also choose payment method and double-check the input before concluding the purchase.

When already concluded the purchase and in need to correct or add details send an email to info@s-transformer.com.

Supplier keeps a copy of the contract available to buyer.

Order cancellation

Buyer can cancel the contract within 24 hours of order confirmation, before the shipment of products to his address. Buyer can cancel the order or initiate a complaint with sending an email to address info@s-transformer.com or a call to 0038664184983.


Delivery time of all stocked products is 5 working days from the order date. We deliver ordered products to specified address with packet distribution companies, personally or you can collect them yourself. If you collect the products yourself, there are no delivery costs.

Payment options

We offer two payment methods, by invoice or at delivery.

Returning the product(s)

Buyer has the right to cancel the contract within 14 days of receiving the product. He has to notify the company with sending an email to info@s-transformer.com. After a prior message, he has to send the goods with a copy of the receipt to the company address within 14 days. Products have to be unused, undamaged, in the same quantity and in the original packaging. Buyer covers any costs related to the returning of the product.

Supplier returns entire purchase amount (purchase price with delivery costs) within 14 days of receiving the products to the client Bank account, if the customer sent order cancellation and returned undamaged goods according to terms and conditions in the specified time.

Refund is not valid when the products are without original packaging, used or damaged except in the case of dealing with a complaint when the goods were in that condition before delivery.

Contract termination form (.pdf)


Buyer has to immediately look at and count the products in the presence of the delivery service. All subsequent complaints of damaged goods are rarely taken into account by the delivery service and can not be solved by the provider. In case of damaged goods details must be entered into record and deliverer is obliged to sign it. When irregularities happen, buyer is obliged to inform the supplier with sending an email to info@s-transformer.com.

Buyer can deliver damaged or incorrect products in original packaging personally to the company address or can return them with delivery services at the expense of the provider. Supplier is obliged to replace the damaged or incorrect with new products. Supplier does not accept shipment with ransom without prior agreement.

Privacy policy and personal data protection

For needs of business, implementation of orders and communication with clients supplier collects and processes information about orders, customer's requirements and personal information entered in the registration forms (such as name, surname or company name, address or company address, email address, phone or fax number, username, password) or forwarded to supplier for realization of order in some other way.

Supplier keeps collected information and personal data in accordance with the regulations on personal data protection, allowing data use only for executing orders, advertising, sending special offers and informative material, communication with clients and for improving services. Supplier will handle collected information and data carefully, will accept reasonable measures for their safekeeping and will not disclose collected data to third parties unless with client's consent, or unless ordered to do so by a court decision or other act of authority (government body).

Supplier is not responsible for accuracy and updates of data entered by user or forwarded to the site in some other way. Supplier is not responsible for safety of the chosen username, password or security of user's devices for accessing web portal www.persingel.com. Client is solely responsible for security of his devices and safekeeping of username and password entered in registration form.

When the customer does not wish to receive information about discount offers and new products he has to notify the supplier with sending an email to info@s-transformer.com.

Legal notice

Web portal info@s-transformer.com is managed by supplier who is the right holder of exclusive copyright, intellectual property and all other rights vested in or related to all content published or otherwise made available to users of the portal (such as photos, drawings, blueprints, texts, symbols, trademarks...).

Content of web portal and contents of individual web pages portal includes are protected as copyright works by the Copyright and Related Rights Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 21/1995 and amendments) and other valid regulations of Republic Slovenia. Without supplier's explicit written permission, users of the site info@s-transformer.com are not allowed to reproduce, distribute, transmit, communicate or present to the public, broadcast or make available to the public portal's content and/or individual websites linked to the portal.

"Persiangel" and other logos or identification signs are protected as trademarks and service marks by Industrial Property Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 51/2006 and amendments) and other valid regulations. Any use of mentioned intellectual property without suppliers explicit written consent can represent a violation of exclusive rights.

All disputes are under the jurisdiction of the District court in Ljubljana.

Product liability

Cases of factual defects:

  • When product does not have properties needed for normal use and sale
  • When product does not have properties needed for special use specified by the buyer, which are or should be previously known to the provider
  • When product does not have properties and characteristics explicitly or tacitly agreed and prescribed
  • When provider hands over a product not matching a sample or model unless the sample or model was shown only for informative purpose

Product suitability verification:

Product suitability for normal use is checked according to usual product of the same kind with all statements about properties given by the provider or manufacturer, especially advertisements, presentations and indications on the products.

Factual defect implementation:

Buyer has to inform the provider about possible factual defects at his cost in a statutory deadline and has to provide an overview of the product. Notice has to contain accurate factual defect details.

The right for factual defect implementation is more precisely defined in the Consumer Protection Act.

Factual defect form for online store products (.pdf)

Pleasant shopping,
Persiangel team

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