MereRam d.o.o.

Our company MereRam has a vision on the approach to healing body and mind as one from the outset. We are an exclusive agent for Persiangel products on a mission to offer top-quality natural products.

Recently we added a method that can eliminate the causes of problems which can affect us on the mental level through the subconscious. The wisdom gathered in more than thirty years of experience with Ayurvedic treatment approach and the latest technology combined makes our holistic method unique.

We can permanently install this method in a place where you need it the most (your home, business, spa or medical institution...). So with the help of nature and the award-winning technology prized with five gold medals from innovation fairs, we can influence physical and mental state thus providing you with ideal conditions to achieve better health, interpersonal relationships and more in your environment. Similar as Monks can achieve with meditation, our method does when implemented.

We focus on holistic joints wear out treatment and dermatological problems however our support, products, technology, and advice can help in a much broader sense. We have prepared a wholesome package which can be made to suit your personal needs and requirements. Minimum recommended treatment time is from 3 to 6 months, or even up to one year. It is important to know that intermediate treatments can differ from the initial one depending on the condition.

The disease is not present because of suffering itself, it acts as help to facilitate changes.

Go on a journey of inner peace and health with us.

For further information call us on 0038664184983 from Monday to Friday between 9.00 and 17.00 CET, or write to us at

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