Living space transformer fi 100mm

Living Space Transformer fi 100mm

2.240,00 EUR
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Living space transformer, fi 100 mm up to 120 m2 (two floors, 240 m2 in total) 2240€
Living space transformer is a revolutionary product that removes the effects of harmful radiation from work and living environment. The product is able to negate up to 96% of all frequencies which brings significant and immediate quantifiable effects on concentration, work efficiency, personal relations, and general profitability. The product is suitable for installation into any working or living space.

The product has further proved itself winning 5 international gold medals. 
Patent number: P-201600121

Living space Transformer is suitable for:
• Individual houses
• Business premises
• Housing blocks or neighborhoods
• Local communities
• Schools, kindergartens, hospitals
• Vessels and cars...
fi 100 mm up to 120 m2 (two floors, 240 m2 in total) 2240€
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