Body treatment 200g

129,00 EUR
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Most complete substance for body and face. Integrated holistic healthcare approach and personal support.

Perfect natural substance for a healthy body in just four weeks of regular use.

  • Package includes: 1 x 200g Body treatment
  • One package content is sufficient for one month therapy of a surface such as an elbow
  • 100% natural
  • Postal charge not included in the price

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Apply in a thin layer to the desired body area. If possible use food film and leave it to affect for a few hours. In the case when body reaction is to strong stop the therapy for a day or two, then continue. Body reaction is actually desired and at the same time indication of deep mineral gel functioning and detox effects. Be particularly cautious in the eye area. In case of irritation rinse with water. When uncertain please call our number 0038664184983 or write to us at

What makes our product unique?

92% of the mass is minerals, more than 60 trace elements in the mineral structure and remarkable 8% balneal or balneo-medical components which are compounds of sulfur, iodine, phosphorus, boron, bromine... Capacity to exchange cations is more than 99,5%!

Royal body pampering.

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